Mike Hils

Mike is currently a lab tech for the Department of Chemistry at the University of Dayton. Previously, he taught for at the University of Dayton for the Department of Geology and the Department of Chemistry. He also taught for the University of Mississippi’s Department of Geology and Geological Engineering, and the Department of Geological Sciences at the Ohio University. He earned his master’s degree at Ohio University with research in neoichnology using burrowing spiders as a study animal. Ichnology is the study of fossilized footprints, burrows, and other organism traces. Mike’s work focused on comparing the burrows produced by spiders to burrows found in the fossil record. He also helped develop an online catalog of burrows for the Continental Neiochnology Database. When Mike isn’t in the lab or the classroom, he enjoys looking at old buildings, going through natural history museums, and looking at the night sky. Read Mike’s posts.