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Climate change is one of the biggest problems facing humanity and life on Earth today, and one of the most fundamentally misunderstood scientific theories is evolution. You’ve probably heard about climate change and evolution in the news and on social media, but what are these concepts, and how do we know they’re ‘real’? We’ve made the site to help you understand more about both of these concepts and answer some questions, such as:

  • How do we know the Earth is warming, and where does the data come from?
  • What are the implications of a rapidly changing climate?
  • What is evolution?
  • How do we know evolution took place, and where does the data come from?
  • Why is it important to understand climate change and evolution?

Mission Statement

We’re two scientists that, along with our¬†friends and collaborators, want to share our love and knowledge of fossils, life, and past conditions of Earth’s climate.

Through our adventures, research, and travels, we want to make our science more understandable and accessible to the public. By studying the climate and life of the past, scientists are able to predict how climate change will affect humans and animals alike. Furthermore, scientists pursuing these important fields of research must be able to effectively communicate their research to the public. Without this information the public is left to scour the internet for the ‘truth’, which is often hidden among confusing information (or, misinformation). Therefore, it is our sincere hope that by opening the doors into our world and making our science more accessible, we can help you understand hot-topic science issues at the forefront of politics, education, and policy making.

How our website works

Background Material

This website is designed to provide you with the geologic foundation necessary to understand science related to climate change and evolution. We strongly suggest you begin by reading pages under ‘Introductory Material’ to understand general science terms, the concepts of geologic time and how we correlate the rock record, what the field of paleoclimatology entails, and what paleontology is and the fossil record. The pages under ‘Introductory Material’ can be found below:

General Science
General Science
Geologic Time
Geologic Time
Introduction to Paleoclimate
Introduction to Paleoclimatology
Introduction to Paleontology

Climate Change and Evolution

After you have read through these pages, move on to the ‘Climate Change’ and ‘Evolution’ pages, where you will learn more about these two concepts in greater detail.

Into the World of Scientists

Our ‘Paleo, LIVE!’ section contains one page that explains in more detail what, specifically, Jen and Adriane study, along with three blogs: Field Excursions, Education and Outreach, and Science Bytes. ‘Field Excursions’ will highlight the field work we do and what we hope to accomplish. The ‘Education and Outreach’ blog showcases the community service we do and how we communicate science to the public. Our ‘Science Bytes’ blog will cover all aspects of being a scientist, from publishing papers and the peer review process, to information related to our own personal research experiences. Our hope with this portion of our website is to bring you into our worlds, so you may better understand the life of scientists and the rigorous processes we go through in search of scientific truths.

Our Research Explained
Field Excursions
Education and Outreach
Science Byte


Meet Scientists, Read Science News!

Our ‘Climate and Paleo News’ section will feature new published science papers and fossil discoveries, and break down why these papers and scientific finds are important. Our ‘Meet the Scientist’ page will introduce you to geoscientists across different disciplines in paleontology and paleoclimatology. Be sure to subscribe to our site and follow us on Twitter to read the latest science news and posts from scientists!

General Science
Climate and Paleo News
General Science
Meet the Scientist

To any geoscientists that have made it to our site: if you would like to write a post for our ‘Meet the Scientist’ blog, please contact us! Our focus is on research broadly related to the ocean, climate, and evolution, but we would love to feature a greater diversity of research areas!