Time Scavengers is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and donations made will be tax deductable. As a nonprofit organization, we have leadership structures and team members who keep the organization running smoothly. Learn more about the Time Scavengers’ mission, vision, and team members below.


Increasing accessibility of science and scientists through sharing our personal stories and scientific endeavors.


Time Scavengers will continue to provide accessible and digestible information about climate change and evolutionary theory to the public through expanded informational static pages and blogs. We will develop best practices to better communicate science with the public in the digital realm through peer-reviewed publications. Continual support of students, early career researchers, and avocational scientists will continue through both financial support and increased visibility on our blog pages.



Jen Bauer, Co-President
Adriane Lam, Co-President
Kristina wearing a hat, jacket, and holding a crab while smiling.
Kristina Barclay, Treasurer
Linda K. Dämmer, Secretary


Board of Directors

Kevin Skweres

Anthony (Tony) Martin

Kristen St John

Committee Chairs

Lexi Bolger, Communications
Jen Bauer, Fundraising
Tilly Edinger Travel Grant: Linda K. Dämmer
Sarah Sheffield, Virtual Internship Program for Science Communication



Alexander Favaro
Andy Fraass
Susanna Fraass
Jonathan Jordan
Maggie Limbeck
Cameron Muskelly
Cheryl Emerson Resnick


Chris Schneider

Former Collaborators

Shaina Sadai (Rogstad)
Rose Borden
Whitney Lapic
Kyle Hartshorn
Megan Thompson-Munson
Mike Hils
Raquel Bryant