Tilly Edinger Travel Grant

Currently we are in the fundraising stage of the Tilly Edinger Travel Grant. Please check back and follow our social media account for grant application opening and deadlines for applying.

This travel grant is designed to help offset the cost of student travel by paying for meeting (in-person or virtual) expenses up front, rather than through a reimbursement system. Unlike most other travel grants, this grant does not require that attendees to present original work at a conference.  Our hope is this grant helps to increase accessibility to conferences to those who are most in need of resources. 

The Tilly Edinger Travel Grant differs from most other travel grants by:

  • Students and avocational scientists can apply
  • The grant pays for registration costs up front
  • All attendees are eligible

Tilly Edinger was a paleontologist who faced great obstacles and contributed greatly to the field. We hope to honor Tilly and her work by promoting and elevating the work of early career scientist. To learn more about Tilly, her obstacles, and work click here.

We strongly encourage folks who identify as belonging to historically marginalized groups, women, and non-traditional students or paleontologists/paleoceanographers.

2020 is the inaugural year for the Tilly Edinger Travel Grant. As these are uncertain times and this grant is a pilot program, we are restricting the funding to conferences to determine the effectiveness and promise of the program. Future iterations will be evaluated on an annual basis with the hope to expand funding to additional conferences.

If  you want to donate to Time Scavengers and/or the Tilly Edinger Travel Grant, please note that Time Scavengers is currently not a non-profit organization, so donations made to the site or travel grant are not tax deductible. 


This award provided by Time Scavengers through the generous contributions from our community members and donors helps support student (enrolled undergraduates, MS/PhD) and avocational scientists’ travel to an approved North American conference to which they already hold membership: the Geological Society of America annual conferences, American Geophysical Union annual meeting, and the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology meeting. Applicants do not have to present original research at the conference to be eligible for the grant, however, they must be researchers in, involved with, or representing and interested in paleo-related sciences (including but not limited to paleontology, paleoclimatology, paleoceanography, macroevolution, and paleobiogeography). Preference will be given to applicants with a lack of funding and travel support. If you are unsure if your interests count as paleo-related, please reach out to us at TimeScavengers@gmail.com.

At this time the Tilly Edinger Travel Grant can only support conference registration, with a possibility of one conference add-on (e.g., conference dinner, workshop). Grant amounts will vary but are not to exceed $300 per applicant. 

How to Apply

Applicants should answer the following questions and include the following information in no more than 2 pages (12 point font, 1 inch margins):

  1. Name, degree working towards (or ‘avoocational’ if applicable), and affiliation
  2. Conference you are attending and the registration deadline
  3. Name of poster/talk (if applicable)
  4. Why would you like to attend this conference?
  5. How would attending this meeting help further your career and/or help you meet your career goals?
  6. How do your interests align with the Time Scavengers mission (click here to read more about us, our vision, and mission)? 
  7. Describe other sources of funding available to you to attend this conference.

Please submit your application as a PDF file with the naming format “LastName_TSGrant_Year” (for example, Lam_TSGrant_2020) to TimeScavengers@gmail.com, with Tilly Edinger Travel Grant as the email subject. 

Copy and paste the above questions into a word processor of your choosing or use the following template that can be viewed and downloaded here


Upon receiving the Tilly Edinger Travel Grant, recipients are asked to write two blogs for Time Scavengers which will be featured on the website:

  1. A ‘Meet the Scientist’ post about yourself, your science and/or outreach activities; and
  2. A post outlining your conference experience and how the grant helped you.

We ask that you acknowledge Time Scavengers on any posters and talks presented at the conference (you can download a .png file for use in posters and talks here).