Climate Change

Human induced climate change is currently the biggest threat to life on Earth. More and more species are going extinct each day, as they cannot cope with the increasing temperatures that the Earth is experiencing. Whether you are a firm supporter of curbing emissions, a stark nonbeliever of climate change, or somewhere along the spectrum, this section of our website is for you. Here, we’ll go through key pieces of information you need to understand why climate change is a threat to our Earth, what it’s doing to our oceans, and the implications of putting excessive amounts of CO2 into our atmosphere and oceans. Check back often, as we will add pages to this section!

We have linked to other important pages on our website for you to refer back to as you need. In order to truly understand how climate change is affecting our Earth, the  pages should be read in the following numerical order:

1. Modern Atmosphere
2. Ocean Layers & Mixing
3. Ocean Chemistry & Acidification
4. Ocean Circulation & Stratification
5. CO2: Past, Present, & Future