Shaina Sadai (Rogstad)

Shaina Sadai is a PhD Candidate at UMass Amherst in the Geosciences department working with Dr. Alan Condron and Dr. Rob DeConto. Her research uses global climate models and regional ice models to understand how changes in the Antarctic Ice Sheet could impact future global climate as anthropogenic emissions increase over time. She found her way to earth sciences by happenstance after taking a very meandering route. She was the first in her family to attend college, beginning at Manchester Community College before obtaining bachelors degrees in astrophysics and physics. During her undergraduate time she did research into galaxy evolution and gravitational waves. From there she went on to do a Masters in Applied Mathematics studying quantum mechanics and disease spread. She eventually found her way to climate science and now spends her time debugging computer code and doing public outreach to students of all ages and community groups. In her free time she enjoys dancing, gardening, documenting the biodiversity in her local area, and hanging out with bunnies and squirrels. Read Shaina’s posts.