Rose Borden

Rose is currently an MS Geology student at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville working with Dr. Devon Burr. Originally intending to study faults (places where earthquakes have occurred by rocks being pushed together or pulled apart) in the Appalachians, she has instead found herself studying faults on Mars. Her thesis research is primarily focused on finding and analyzing ridges formed by past earthquakes on Mars. She first became interested in geology as a child going to visit her grandfather, who is also fascinated by all things geological. It was there she learned to pan for gold, identify several rocks and minerals, and lick a rock to find out the true color (don’t try this at home!). Having grown up in the Pacific Northwest near beautiful Seattle and the Cascade Mountain foothills, Rose has always been interested in earthquakes and volcanoes. When she discovered that she could study them beyond just checking books out from the library, she jumped at the chance and got her B.S. in Geology from Central Washington University by way of Green River Community College (now Green River College). Her main interest in pursuing a career in geology is to understand the ways that people and infrastructure interact with geology and find ways to mitigate geologic hazards (landslides, floods, earthquakes).

In her free time, Rose enjoys baking, reading, walking in the woods, and volunteering with the middle school youth group at her church. Read Rose’s posts.