Jonathan Jordan

Jonathan is the host of the Paleo Policy Podcast and is currently volunteering in the paleontology department at the San Diego Natural History Museum. At the museum, Jonathan assists in processing fossilized remains from paleo mitigation projects around Southern California. The projects include hospital expansions, highways, and port of entry crossings. The fossils primarily consist of Cenozoic mammals such as camels, horses, mammoths, bison, and baleen whales. Before moving to San Diego, Jonathan lobbied for the designation of Podokesaurus holyokensis as the Massachusetts State Dinosaur. He collaborated with State Representative Jack Patrick Lewis and submitted written and oral testimony to the State Administration and Regulatory Oversight Joint Committee in 2021. The bill was later signed into law in May 2022. Jonathan obtained a bachelors in Political Science and History at UC San Diego, a master’s in Global Public Policy from Suffolk University, and is now applying to law school in the hopes of practicing environmental law and shaping natural resource policy.