Dipa Desai

Dipa is a first-generation MS/PhD student at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst in the Micropaleontology Lab, where she studies paleoclimate science and paleoceanography with Dr. Mark Leckie. She was the first in her family to receive an undergraduate degree– a Bachelor’s of Science in  Biology at the University of North Carolina. Dipa pursued paleoclimate research through the National Park Service’s Mosaics in Science and the National Science Foundation’s Panama Canal Project internships. She stepped into the classroom for 2 years as an AmeriCorps National Teaching Fellow to understand how to communicate STEM topics to broader audiences and to promote STEM careers to underserved, global-majority communities. Currently, she studies how warmer-than-present paleoclimates affected marine microfauna in Antarctica, and she is interested in applying research outcomes to improving current environmental policies and using inclusive teaching strategies to open accessibility to STEM education. She enjoys judging the Massachusetts Middle School State Science Fair every year and participating in local STEM outreach events. In her free time, you can find her in the kitchen creating culinary masterpieces. Read Dipa’s posts by clicking here.