Alexander Favaro

Alexander Favaro is a first-generation student who graduated from the University of South Florida with a degree in Geology. Initially he had no plans for a career in geoscience but after meeting with Dr. Sarah Sheffield, he was determined to follow his life-long passion: paleobiology. He specifically is interested in evolutionary trends among organisms and what forces drove notable changes. He was nominated as a 2020 Student Ambassador for the Paleontological Society and was the 2020 Treasurer for the University of South Florida’s Geology Club. Currently, he is involved as an undergraduate researcher with Dr. Sarah Sheffield in a biogeographic project focused on Paleozoic echinoderm taxa. Alexander hopes to pursue his fascination for paleoecology by attending graduate school with the goal of a career at a teaching and research university. In his spare time, Alexander enjoys trips into nature, video games, and spending time with his family.