Adriane Lam

Currently, Adriane (she/her) is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Geological Sciences and Environmental Studies at Binghamton University SUNY.  Adriane earned her Ph.D. at University of Massachusetts Amherst with Dr. R. Mark Leckie.  For her Master’s degree, Adriane worked with invertebrate organisms in the Ordovician (a period in Earth history that includes rocks that are 450 million years old). Now, she works in the Cenozoic (the time from 66 million years ago to today) reconstructing ancient ocean currents, namely western boundary currents, using a type of single-celled protist called planktic foraminifera. In addition, she uses these organisms to uncover unanswered questions pertaining to the rise of new species in our world oceans. As a researcher, she obtains most of her fossils and sediment through the International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP), and works closely with other scientists involved with the program. Adriane has worked with kids of all ages, and has run workshops at UMass Amherst for local Boy Scout troops to obtain their geology merit badges.  When Adriane isn’t conducting research, she enjoys hiking in the mountains of New England with her husband, cuddling with her cats, and organizing the massive amounts of rocks and fossils she has obtained over the years. Check out Adriane’s posts.